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Virus Removal and Data Backup Sudbury Suffolk

Whether you need virus removal or your data backup checked then V-Exterminator Ltd provides a computer and IT network security support service for you.

V-Exterminator Ltd will remove any virus or malware from your computers and then carry out a pc and or IT network security check for you. We will deliver a report on how your computer or computers are protected.

If you are not properly secure we will offer a solution for you at a competitive price.

Remove Virus Spyware and Malware

Unfortunately, the internet is populated with malicious software “malware” as well as useful and entertaining information.

Remove Virus Sudbury SuffolkIt seems that those who initiate a virus or spyware program are often one step ahead of those who protect us against them.

However not all is bad. We can help you protect against malware and if you are affected we can remove the virus and have you up and running again in no time.

Data Backup

Most likely, there will be data on your computer or server that would be irreplaceable if lost and the consequence of data loss may vary.

Data Backup Sudbury SuffolkV-Exterminator Ltd will advise customers appropriate data backup strategies and provide the best solution according to requirement and security.

The solution may be as simple as a USB flash drive, or it may involve a dedicated backup network system combining hardware and software (SAN).

Some examples of backup solutions include:

  • media based (DVD/CD)
  • External hard drive
  • disk backup (RAID)
  • tape backup
  • network attached storage (NAS)
  • direct attached storage (DAS)
  • storage area network (SAN)

Firewall / Internet Security

If you are not using a firewall then you probably should be.

Internet SecurityA firewall can be a hardware device such as a broadband modem/router, a software program like Norton Internet Security or Microsoft ISA, or an inbuilt firewall provided by the computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows Vista.

The firewall is one of the most critical components of a network or stand alone computer. If you are not sure if you are properly protected then you should call V-Exterminator Ltd for a security check.

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Parental / Business user control / Internet Security

Microsoft Windows Vista includes a parental control feature and user access control to help protect users from unsuitable material on the internet. Virus Removal Sudbury SuffolkSome broadband providers will provide broadband devices that include parental controls.

The NSPCC offers a guide on safe surfing

V-Exterminator Ltd can provide installation and configuration support for setting up parental controls, but we will not supply equipment or software for this purpose.

No business wants their staff accessing social networking websites instead of working. Through consultation, planning, and group policy implementation we can help your organisation ensure efficiency and the appropriate levels of user access.

Wireless Internet Security

If you are using a wireless IT network, it is important to be sure you are protected against intrusion by enabling wireless security on wireless devices. V-Exterminator Ltd will test the level of security and configure your wireless devices appropriately.

Biometric Security

Biometric SecuritySome computer equipment is now available with inbuilt biometric security features. A fingerprint reader is an increasingly popular way of protecting your computer against unauthorised access.

Data Encryption

In recent times there has been a lot of press cover regarding confidential data “going walkabout”. There is no single solution to this problem; however a combination of strong security policy, technology, and common sense will greatly reduce the risks.

Microsoft has included “Bitlocker Drive Encryption” as a feature of Microsoft Windows Vista to provide one such layer of protection. BitLocker adds a layer of security to help prevent private information stored on notebooks and PCs from ending up in the wrong people’s hands.

For businesses, this can reduce the risk of employee and customer data being stolen resulting in lawsuits and lost customer trust. For individual consumers, BitLocker can reduce the risk of identity theft resulting from personal information being lifted from a stolen or sold PC.

If you have confidential electronic data you may want to consider data encryption. Microsoft Windows Vista’s Bitlocker Drive Encryption has the capability to fully encrypt a computer’s entire hard drive so that the data can not be accessed.

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Top Ten Computer and Internet Security Tips

  • Never open unsolicited emails (spam)
  • Never open an email attachment unless you are sure it is safe
  • Do not use social networking websites
  • Do not illegally download media
  • Use windows task manager to close websites that display threatening messages
  • Keep software up to date with the latest versions and security patches
  • Use strong passwords
  • Use anti-virus software
  • Make sure a firewall is protecting you
  • Backup your important data
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